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Become a stranger in the magical world, lead armies of mysterious creatures, and fight for your immortal soul! Many kinds of opportunities for achievement of the main objective are stipulated in the game. Our heroes should claim what is theirs by “Fire (that is, the omnipotent Magic of the Stranger World) and “Sword”. The player should use the art of diplomacy, which is soundly referred to as "art". Say, it is enough to demonstrate power in a village of the timid Bone Zulaks for the whole tribe to submit under the Heroes banner, but such a method will hardly work with fierce warriors of the Kradlaug clan. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the latter’s low intelligence, which enables you simply to hire them – and the Kradlaugs will prove to be excellent fellow fighters and loyal mercenaries. Read more

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stranger 22.02.08 Add-on/patch 1.2 has been released! Read more..

jump scare 15.02.08 We have a French version of our site Read more..

strange horror 21.01.08 We have a German version of our site Read more..

09.01.08 Release dates for Stranger in North America Read more..

21.12.07 Mordlock: All the Necessary Information Is Close at Hand Read more..



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